Tuesday, April 05, 2005

just be available

Its so late, and I am so tired. But..... I received a call from a friend tonight. Very encouraging. He had called me the previous night, in a time of need, and the Lord used my words to bring him some genuine encouragement. No big deal, He does that with people every day. The funny thing is, I was kind of struggling myself, and had been praying while I worked, and worshipping with an old scripture song that says, "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases...." All I did was share that same passage with my friend, and then prayed with him about the situation he was facing. No great "word of the Lord".... I just shared what I had received. I wasnt feeling particularly spiritual or "anointed", but the Lord showed up for my friend, and powerfully answered our prayers for the situation he was dealing with the next day. I was just available. And I think thats one of the main things He is looking for. Availability. I am just so doggone preoccupied most of the time though.... Help Lord. I know you will.