Thursday, July 01, 2004


It seems harder than ever to discern truth from error. Heck, half the world thinks the distinction itself is a mistake. So, you end up feeling guilty, or perhaps uninformed if you WANT to try and figure that out. Anything goes, they say, except one thing. You cant say that "anything goes" is wrong. That one idea will get you in a world of trouble these days. You're ignorant, a neanderthal. Oh, I'm not talking about the general world we live in. I don't expect them to understand, or see the same right/wrong distinctions necessarily. Its the church, the people who claim to be followers of Jesus. A growing number have become so intellectually sophisticated that they have to come up with all sorts of symbolic understandings of His word to avoid the embarrassment of being laughed at by the educated people of this world. "To the Greeks it is foolishness..."

Lord, help us to be humble enough to simply believe.